Highlights of Shots & Moments

Shots & Moments: Day 1 (August 1, 2020 Beijing Time)

Opening and Welcoming

Keynote 1

Doctoral Consortium

Workshop 1

Shots & Moments: Day 2 (August 2, 2020 Beijing Time)

AP-L-1: Scholarly Communication

AP-L-2: User in Search

AP-L-3: Digital Libraries

EU-L-1: Scholarly Knowledge

EU-L-2: Document Classification

Poster & Demo

Shots & Moments: Day 3 (August 3, 2020 Beijing Time)

Keynote 2: Towards a Sustainable Infrastructure for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage and Digital Scholarship

AP-L-4: Scholarly Knowledge

AP-S-1: Digital Libraries

AP-S-2: Digital Humanities

EU-S-2: Domain Specific Applications

Panel-1: Data and Information Literacy Education

Shots & Moments: Day 4 (August 4, 2020 Beijing Time)

NA-L-2: Scholarly Data

AP-L-5: Content Annotation

AP-S-3: Search and Recommendation

AP-S-4: Network and Learning

EU-L-4: Medical Digital Libraries


Shots & Moments: Day 5 (August 5, 2020 Beijing Time)

Keynote 3: Natural Language Technologies for Internet Applications

Closing Ceremony

Workshop 7: Data-driven Smart Library Services in China

Shots & Moments: Our Staffs and Volunteers

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